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Available for crew and delivery

I have participated in offshore races, deliveries, around the cans and anything else that is going. I can cook and keep watch. My career highlight was 2019 Fastnet, which was a very rewarding experience, and possibly something I’d like to do again (also the first and only time I’ve been seasick… the Irish sea!).

Looking to build overnight watch-keeping sea miles for Yachtmaster.

I have spent most of my life living near the sea, and have spent a few years working on sailing and motor yachts.



  • UK
  • Data Engineer
  • South African


  • Day Skipper
  • Yacht Rating
  • Powerboat II
  • STCW95 (expired)
  • Have my own offshore sailing and safety kit

Sea Miles:

  • Motor: ~5000nm
  • Sail: ~3000nm
  • Offshore Racing: ~1000nm

Crewing Profiles: