Helping companies scale by providing insights extracted from data.

I have a passion for growing companies, and deep insight into emerging technology. With these, I have enabled businesses to grow by unlocking the value in their data, and aligning their tech strategy with the opportunities available to a data driven company.


I have significant expertise in tech businesses - having worked and advised to successful companies on their data, product, engineering, hiring, outsourcing, tech, strategy, growth. I’ve advised to VC funded growth businesses, bootstrapped startups, consulting firms and stable enterprise clients. I’m comfortable talking to the CEO and the back-end developer, and I’m willing to get my hands dirty to get the job done.


Let’s work together to unlock the hidden value in your business, through helping with your tech strategy and data road-map to help you improve your business.

I prefer working with businesses who’s product, mission and direction I understand and agree with, and would want to establish an ongoing relationship with the leadership and team.

I like to take an open minded approach to each new conversation, and strive to bring value and clarity to each opportunity.

Email me if you’d like to discuss how I can help you ->