I work with data teams to improve their data systems and processes, using modern cloud data technology.

Analytics Engineering is the closest approximation.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss analytics technology. I work as both an advisor and engineer with teams in the UK, US and Africa.


I have experience in early and scale stage tech businesses - having worked and advised to successful companies on their data, product, engineering, hiring, outsourcing, tech, strategy and growth. I’ve advised VC funded growth businesses, bootstrapped startups, consulting firms and stable enterprise clients. I’m comfortable talking to the CEO and the back-end developer, and I’m willing to get my hands dirty to get the job done.


I prefer working with businesses whose product, mission and direction I understand and agree with, and would want to establish an ongoing relationship with the leadership and team.

I like to take an open-minded approach to each new conversation and strive to bring value and clarity to each opportunity.


I am an experienced Head of Data, specializing in Analytics, with a strong foundation in Data Warehousing & Data Integration.

I am very comfortable across the data systems life cycle with experience in Software Development, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering. I’m also comfortable with DevOps and managing AWS infrastructure, and very familiar with BI tools such as Looker, and architecting these systems.


  • Data Engineering
  • Analytics Engineering
    • Data modelling
    • Automation
    • Data quality
  • Predictive Modelling
    • Credit Rating models
    • Open banking

Business & Tech

I am an Industrial Engineer by training, and I began my career in ERP implementation consulting before moving into the realm of Data. I have an excellent understanding of business processes and process engineering, as well as CRM, ERP and Financial systems.

Business Systems

I have managed and successfully implemented:

  • Data Integration systems
  • Data Reporting,
  • CRM, ERP, Financial systems.

I have managed the successful development of custom software, either as the Product Manager or developed alongside the team as a Data Engineer.

Tech Stacks

  • Docker, Github, Jenkins
  • Python, Django, FastAPI
  • AWS, GCP