This page covers the technology domains I can offer expertise in.


A few projects that I am working on and developing. In order of interest:

  1. - Involving waves and neural nets, currently in stealth!
  2. CommitLearn - This is an experimental audio learning experience using podcasts!
  3. concentrait - The learning optimization API
  4. - A mentorship & student support service, facilitating & automating mentorship, guidance networks and informed support

Tech Domains / Services

1. Data

I work as a Head of Data, specializing in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, and with a strong foundational basis in Data Warehousing & Data Integration. This means I am very comfortable across the data systems life cycle with Python, ML, Neural Nets, SQL, ETL and general Data Wrangling. I’m also comfortable with Devops and managing AWS infra, BI tools such as Tableau and Looker and architecting these systems.

I also offer hands-on training in all matters relating to Data.

  • Data Engineering
    • Denodo Data Virtualization
    • Snowflake, Redshift, PostgreSQL & MySQL
    • dbt & Dataform
    • Data/Dev Ops
      • Logging
      • AWS EC2/S3/ElasticBeanstalk
      • Docker
  • Business Analytics
    • Looker & Tableau
    • Metabase
    • PowerBI
  • Predictive Models
    • Pytorch
    • Credit Rating models
      • Probability of Default
      • Recovery Rate
    • Logistic Regression & XGBoost

2. Business

I am an Industrial Engineer by training, and I began my career in ERP implementation consulting before moving into the realm of Data. Thus I have an excellent understanding of business processes.

  • Acumatica ERP
  • Salesforce, Hubspot CRM

3. Software

I have managed and successfully implemented Data Integration, Data Reporting, CRM and ERP tools, as well as been part of the development teams of bespoke software solutions.

  • Docker, Github, Jenkins
  • AWS EC2, RDS, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk