I aspire to improve my ability to communicate through writing. This is the workshop.

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My thoughts on modern data analytics systems. Describe your day-job stuff.

Topics cover the intersection of Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

Matt’s World View

General writing, expanding my understanding of the world. This is very experimental.

Selected posts

Snowflake Field Notes

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This is a technical intro to deploying Snowflake data warehouse, as a follow on from my previous post. This may be useful if you have decided to implement Snowflake.

Data as a Utility Tool

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Within the companies I have worked for and plan on working for, uncertainty is a common thread. Sales may continue to accelerate, funding should land next quarter, we hope to keep in touch. The uncertainty may be more concrete. We should change...

The crash of rent-to-let

- Matt’s World View

This time, an investigation into Airbnb and the property market, and looking for hopeful signs in the virus outbreak..

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