I’ve been putting my thoughts together on modern data analytics systems. Describe your day-job stuff. Topics cover the intersection of Data Engineering and Data Analytics.

I’ve also been trying some other things, relating to current interests.

dataform and dbt

A quick rundown on two of the “indicative-of-the-future” SQL tools in data analytics at the moment. Dataform and dbt

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Snowflake Field Notes

This is a technical intro to deploying Snowflake data warehouse, as a follow on from my previous post. This may be useful if you have decided to implement Snowflake.

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Making the case for electric skateboarding racing

A lockdown investigation into e-skateboard-racing, something you might hope never takes off.

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Data as a Utility Tool

Within the companies I have worked for and plan on working for, uncertainty is a common thread. Sales may continue to accelerate, funding should land next quarter, we hope to keep in touch. The uncertainty may be more concrete. We should change... --- Tags: Data, Data Systems, Top Post

The crash of rent-to-let

This time, an investigation into Airbnb and the property market, and looking for hopeful signs in the virus outbreak..

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Risk and Global Systems

This time, the impact of a virus on globalism.

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What works at work

What works in ML and AI.

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Progress and Pressure

Fleeting opinions on progress.

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