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I’ve been putting my thoughts together on modern data analytics systems. Describe your day-job stuff. Topics cover the intersection of Data Engineering and Data Analytics. I’ve also been trying some other things, relating to current interests. These are the posts I’ve put the most effort into

dataform and dbt

A quick rundown on two of the “indicative-of-the-future” SQL tools in data analytics at the moment. Dataform and dbt. Welcome to my third post, one I have wanted to write from the beginning. Getting these posts done isn’t easy, and the time between publishing is a commitment that I undertook r... Read more

Snowflake Field Notes

This is a technical intro to deploying Snowflake data warehouse, as a follow on from my previous post. This may be useful if you have decided to implement Snowflake. In this post, we’ll be taking a look into my notebook on storing. Specifically, the things I’ve noted as useful when implementin... Read more

Data as a Utility Tool

Within the companies I have worked for and plan on working for, uncertainty is a common thread. Sales may continue to accelerate, funding should land next quarter, we hope to keep in touch. The uncertainty may be more concrete. We should change to a new CRM. We probably need to stop reporting ... Read more

The crash of rent-to-let

This time, an investigation into Airbnb and the property market, and looking for hopeful signs in the virus outbreak. Seemingly, people, property and leverage don’t always mix. Borrow from the bank, buy property, rent it out, generally fine. What if you cannot borrow from the bank, but want to... Read more