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I’ve been putting my thoughts together on modern data analytics systems.

Topics cover the intersection of Data Engineering and Data Analytics, with a focus on providing thought-provoking content rather than reference manuals for current tech.

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Context, and the Lack Thereof

Enterprise data systems can often be quite distinct from their smaller startup cousins. This post takes a look at how our conversations around data systems and techniques need to be more sensitive to context, specifically when conversationalists have varying backgrounds. A puddle-deep dive int... Read more

The Ocean is Not Full

Seeking flow state on the foil in the first week of September, a reflection on the pursuit of an open-faced wave.

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The future history of Data Engineering

On Data Engineers and their place in a Data SaaS world. This is a narrative for the near future of Data Engineering in startups, and I think makes some interesting points. I do think the post has avenues for expansion, especially counter-arguments in the context of enterprise tech.

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dataform and dbt

A quick rundown on two of the “indicative-of-the-future” SQL tools in data analytics at the moment. Dataform and dbt. Welcome to my third post, one I have wanted to write from the beginning. Getting these posts done isn’t easy, and the time between publishing is a commitment that I undertook r... Read more

Data as a Utility Tool

Within the companies I have worked for and plan on working for, uncertainty is a common thread. Sales may continue to accelerate, funding should land next quarter, we hope to keep in touch. The uncertainty may be more concrete. We should change to a new CRM. We probably need to stop reporting ... Read more