I like to treat this page as a bit of a personal garden. I’ve got a few links below, mostly related to things I’m currently interested in or have been interested in. I don’t really do social media anymore, and much prefer the unwalled garden of a website that is entirely mine to do with whatever I feel like.

I want to putter about, feel connected to the process, and have fun doing so

Feel free to take a look around!

About me

I enjoy learning new things. This includes technology, physical skills and learning new sports. A few of the outdoor activities I enjoy include downhill skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, mountain-biking, rock-climbing & sailing. I also enjoy photography and videography, as a hobby.

I love reading and try to read a few books every month, usually a mix of fiction and non-fiction.

My personal pages:

  • Writing - I’m working on my ability to communicate through writing. This is the workshop.
  • Sailing - Some sailing pics and a logbook
  • Surfing - Every surfboard I’ve ever owned
  • Media - Videos of me doing things
  • Photography - Dragging around a film camera for fun and personal development…
  • Recipe Book - Some great stuff in there, ask me about my bread!


Project(s) that I am working on and developing. In order of interest:

  1. reinform.io - Working with a friend on a maths driven solution to misinformation.

Old projects

Roughly in order of interest:

  1. waves.dev - Involving waves and neural nets, currently in stealth!
  2. CommitLearn - This is an experimental audio learning experience using podcasts!
  3. concentrait - The learning optimization API
  4. kaya.chat - A mentorship & student support service, facilitating & automating mentorship, guidance networks and informed support

My talented brothers

If you are in the market for someone smart but I don’t quite match up, please take a look at my exceptionally talented brothers:

  • Chris - intersection of data science and energy access
  • Andrew - Python, go, algorithms, concurrency